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You get access to unrestricted creation of segmented lists and personalization to easily send targeted emails. No user is too large or too small for us. Whether you are a small business with a list of 500 subscribers or you are an enterprise user of over 10 Million subscribers, the platform is suitable for every type of segmentation. You need not go outside the application for doing complex segments on your lists. You can do all that stuff here!


Our state of the art infrastructure and powerful deliverability mechanisms ensure that your emails land in your recipient's inbox*. Just follow our in built checks and balances and we will ensure that your email is delivered to your recipient’s inbox every time.


Check out basic metrics such as opens rates, click rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes and much in exportable excel reports. The reports are completely customizable which let you make necessary changes to your campaign.


Generate appealing, professional emails within minutes with the help of our easy to use layout management modules. If you would like to create customized layouts on your own, its completely upto you. You have the flexibility to use either your own HTML or use our guided template management systems to create templates to suit your needs. Request an Invite


We understand that growing businesses have the additional burden of growing infrastructure costs. Our Elastic infrastructure and growth centric price plans help you scale without worrying too much about rising costs. Higher the volume, lower your per unit cost.


Working with support and account managers are a pain especially if you are using an overseas provider. It is quite a painstaking process to get across technical stuff to people not equipped enough to discuss about your problems/issues. Trust us, we’ve been there! Connect directly with the relevant folks directly without having to go through any intermediary to discuss your problems/issues.