Getting Started with Email Marketing

Email is one of the most personal and direct ways a business can reach out to users. Traditionally emails used to be for 1 to 1 communication between people, but businesses also wanted to get in touch with their users in a similar fashion. Hence, email marketing came into being. Since email is a personal and private space, you would not want to turn off your users.  Therefore, its essential to be extremely careful in the way you ask for permissions, what you send them and how frequently you send emails.

In the 1998 comedy flick, You have Got Mail, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan connect via emails and that leads to a nice romantic story around emails. The idea behind your email communication should be on the same lines. That is, your users have to love what you send, for them to be interested.

You've Got Email

You’ve Got Mail

Below are a few things you should keep in mind while planning and executing email marketing campaigns:

Ask for permission:

Email is a private domain. Its always best to ask permission before you send across any communication. It’s a basic etiquette just like knocking the door before entering a house.

Know what is relevant for your users:

Know about your users (It does not hurt to ask them!). Send them communication which is relevant to them. Bulk sending does not work.


Keep It Simple Stupid. Simplify everything for your users. If someone has not opened your email for the past X instances, its best to ask them whether they are interested in receiving further communication or not.  Respect unsubscriptions. Ask feedback from users about what they would like to receive.

Keep these basic things in mind and you will always have great interaction with your users.

Happy Emailing!

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