We are pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of SendPal – an easy-to-use direct marketing platform that packs quite a punch under the hood. With nifty features like express mailing, drag and drop designing, RSS support and behind the scenes support of algorithmic warmup, robust bounce handling and dynamic IP pools, it has been designed to meet the needs of startups and enterprises alike. We are already handling more than 10 enterprise clients and sending millions of mails a day. The positive reviews from our clients and the upside in their KPIs provided the encouragement to open up the product to the world.

Email refuses to die. The earliest use of the internet continues to be one of its biggest despite the explosion in social and mobile. We WhatsApp, we SnapChat, we Gtalk, we AppNotify, but we still check and send mail. And probably will continue to, forever. The fact that the four horsemen have all amnitious product strategies around this channel, the fact that some of tech-street’s most loved companies are sending email all confirm this.

But there are already oh-so-nauseatingly-many email tools out there, and it is also not-rocketscience with cheap cloud-based options available, so then why SendPal? Good question! Turns out the all of so many tools out there suffer from one or more of the following shortcomings.

1. Touch – Direct marketing is in the domain of relationship marketing and customers are not just numbers. SendPal is focused on the Indian users and our spam control, segmentation and template library is connected closely to the Indian context (details in a later post)

2. Collaboration – New features or custom development is just not possible in most tools. Through our PalConnect initiative, we respond rapidly to client demands for new features and even custom integrations.

3. Express Mailing – Why should newsletters be any different from sending mails to your friends? If it is, your tool is not making it simple enough for you. Our philosophy is to simplify email marketing so you can focus on your content and your customers.

4. Delivery and Reputation – We acknowledge that some of the bigger players have large IP and MTA infrastructure leveraging third party system management tools and they have been at it for pretty long now. But large does not always mean better. Our IP allocation and warmup systems are smart and nifty, and the fact that they have kept up impeccable reputations despite being a set of completely new IPs and domains since past 6 months, speaks volumes about their robustness. Dont let anybody fool you into believing that delivery and reputation management is the great mystery it is made out to be!

And oh, did we forget! Our pricing is at an invitation stage right now and you will be pleasantly surprised. Just send us an account creation request and get started in no time. As they say, the only proof of the pudding is in eating it :)

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